Video: An Explanation of How Predatory Property Owners Like Preferred Living Are Preying on Mobile Home Parks Nationwide

I've got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that what's happening in Courtyard is actually happening on a larger national scale, which probably explains why Preferred Living thought buying the Courtyard property would go well for them.

The good news is John Oliver covered the issue on his show and dedicated a full 15 minutes to educating people about the plight people in mobile home parks face. While his show is humor/satire-based, it's fact-checked and well-reported.

I highly recommend everyone give this a watch, though put headphones in if you have little ones around since there's the occasional swear.

Even more good news is that everything he says you can do to fight predatory mobile home park owners is EXACTLY what the Save Courtyard Estates activists are already doing!

If anyone you know is having trouble understanding the magnitude of this issue, this video explains it all.

Mandy Shunnarah