Dear Preferred Living,

Courtyard Estates is a special place. That’s why you bought it in 2014.

However, the purchase was made without regard to what’s best for the existing residents, a vulnerable population of senior citizens, many of whom are disabled and on fixed incomes. While there is a housing shortage in Columbus, that doesn’t mean that the few remaining affordable housing options should be done away with to make room for luxury apartments.

It’s not moral or ethical to kick these seniors out of their homes, especially when they planned to live out their retirement in Courtyard.

That’s why we’re committed to fighting you. Regardless of whether you choose to develop the property today, tomorrow, or in a decade, it will be unacceptable and unconscionable to us. Should you choose to sell the property to another developer, we will fight them with equal fervor.

Therefore, we hope you’ll sell the property to the Courtyard Estates Residents Association. In addition to it being the right thing to do, you can recoup your investment in the land, divest yourself of the bad PR you’re drumming up, and be done with the frustration so you can move on to other projects.

It’s also what’s best for the seniors. We believe that the residents of Courtyard Estates aren’t just renters or an obstacle in your path to profit. They’re people. They have inherent worth and value and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. They deserve to have a say in their future, including the future of their homes.

We’re willing to work with you on the sale of the Courtyard Estates property to the Courtyard Estates Residents Association, which we believe will be beneficial to both parties.

You will not wait us out. We won’t get tired of fighting and go away. We’re not going to let you sweep this under the rug. Until you go on the record and call the project off, permanently, and commit to selling the property to the Courtyard Estates Residents Association, we will continue fighting any development you propose for the property.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Call (614) 547-9341.


The Residents of Courtyard Estates and their allies