The goal of forming the courtyard estates residents association is so there is a cohesive entity that can pursue self-ownership. Leaders in courtyard are those who volunteer to represent the community at large.

With the formation of the residents association, an LLC can be applied for and the first steps to self-ownership can begin.

The duties of each position in the residents association are listed below. Leaders’ names will be posted when the community has decided on who those people are.



  • organizes meetings among residents as needed to discuss any Courtyard-wide updates

  • encourages new residents to Courtyard to join the residents association and explain why doing so is important

  • is committed to learning about the self-ownership process for mobile home parks (with help from the tenants’ rights activists) and will be the go-to person for moving the self-ownership process forward

  • is willing to attend any meetings with Preferred Living, a bank, etc. regarding self-ownership and/or the sale of the Courtyard Estates property to its residents 

Vice President

  • assists the president with their duties so as to divide the responsibilities and minimize the burden on one person

  • helps keep lines of communication open between the Courtyard residents association and tenants’ rights activists and/or any community volunteers who want to fight on Courtyard’s behalf 



Internal Communications Team


External Communications Team

  • takes notes at meetings (that includes meetings just among Courtyard residents, meetings with activists, or any meetings involving Courtyard, its fate and its future) 

  • types up notes for distribution in a newsletter so all residents can keep up with what’s going on 

  • gather and maintain a list of residents’ phone numbers and email addresses so people can be easily contacted when needed 

  • attends all meetings of the residents association and coordinates with the secretary to determine the most pertinent info that needs to be shared with the Courtyard community 

  • spreads news among Courtyard residents when action items (such as calling officials, filing complaints, etc., to protect Courtyard) need to be done. 

  • organizes phone tree (aka one person calls 5 people, each of those people call another 5 people, etc.) to spread messages quickly and efficiently

  • works together to create a cohesive, unified message that represents all of Courtyard’s interests 

  • speaks to the media when they request comment

  • is the face of Courtyard to the media

  • keeps abreast of residents’ stories and helps them gain the confidence to share those stories on a wider scale so as to help garner support for Courtyard