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It’s not just the media telling Courtyard’s story. The seniors who live there are speaking out.

Listen to the stories of Courtyard Estates residents who are fighting back against a development company that's trying to push them out of their homes. And then, take action by calling Columbus City Council -- (614) 645-7380 -- and tell them: "I do not believe Preferred Living should kick out the seniors living in Courtyard Estates in Clintonville. Their homes are more important than another set of luxury apartments.”


If you’re a journalist interested in covering this story, please reach out to us at (614) 547-9341 and leave a detailed message with your phone number and email address.

Someone will get back to you and put you in touch with a variety of people who can offer comment, including Courtyard residents, neighboring communities to Courtyard Estates, local tenants rights activists, and more.